Martha Stewart Living Boundless Beauty Wins SPD Tablet App of the Year!

Martha Stewart team at the 2011 SPD Gala

Martha Stewart team at the 2011 SPD Gala

Martha Stewart Living’s premiere digital Issue, Boundless Beauty, was awarded Tablet App of the Year by The Society of Publication Designers (SPD). The Brothers Mueller were part of the small creative team assembled for Martha Stewart’s first digital magazine.

The photos of the gala are in! To see a full list of photos from the SPD 2011 Gala Photobooth:

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About  SPD:

The Society of Publication Designers is dedicated to promoting and encouraging excellence in editorial design. Our members are art directors, designers, photo editors, editors and graphics professionals. Since drafting its charter in 1965, the SPD remains the only organization specifically addressing the visual concerns of print and online editorial professionals. Editorial design plays a crucial role in shaping and documenting our common history; the efforts of the Society and its members also serve to educate and enlighten the public about the importance of magazines and online publications.

Viral Wallpaper on exhibit at the Chelsea Art Museum as part of Model Citizens [ICFF]

Part of their wallpaper series, The Brothers Mueller present interactive wallpaper. Today wallpaper has fallen into the background, The Brothers Mueller aim to bring wallpaper back to the foreground. Viral (STD) Wallpaper is a demask print with stylized versions of sexually transmitted diseases. The typical presentation of this piece allows viewers to approach the wallpaper, triggering the viruses to then bleed through the paper as the viewer “infects” the wall with their approach.

This piece has been modified for the show to present the viruses bleeding in and out on a 20 minute loop.

Model Citizens NYC 2011 showcases the diverse work of 90 plus domestic and international designers, as well as show retail shop, all of which is open to both the trade, and the public.

“a feat of beauty and of technology” Martha Stewart Living for the iPad makes TIME’s Top 10 Everything of 2010

The Brothers Mueller were part of the small creative team assembled for Martha Stewart’s first digital magazine. TIME has named the cover of Boundless Beauty one of the top 10 magazine covers of 2010. Below is what TIME magazine wrote about Boundless Beauty:

Special Issue: Boundless Beauty
In the magazine world, 2010 will be remembered as the year of the iPad. With its launch on April 1, the “savior” device paved the way for print-magazine art directors and designers to reinvent their publications — at warp speed. Each week, it seemed, a reimagined issue was ready for download. What I love about this cover is that it succeeds in slowing down that frenetic, mad-rush pace. The time-lapse video of a peony blooming was seamlessly stitched together from 180 stills shot over 10 hours and then compressed into 10 mesmerizing seconds: a feat of beauty and of technology.

Read more,28804,2035319_2035305_2035639,00.html

The Brothers Mueller make an appearance in Adobe’s Business in Bloom video

As part of the small team assembled to create Martha’s first digital magazine, the Brothers Mueller worked closely with Adobe using their new Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

Learn how Martha Stewart Living created its 20th anniversary “Boundless Beauty” special edition using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. With high-impact design and stunning photography, the digital edition uses Adobe tools and viewer technology to create an immersive, cinematic experience with interactive content and advertising.

Read more about Martha Stewart’s collaboration with Adobe here:

Guests of John Maeda’s Craft/Chaos dinner, part of the Creative Connoisseurs series

he Brothers Mueller invited to John Maeda’s Creative Connoisseurs series. The topic of the dinner… Craft/Chaos!

About the series: Creative Connoisseurs is a series of dinners curated to highlight the rich connections between the arts, design, innovation, cuisine, and our world at large. Each dinner explores a given theme by pairing an acclaimed chef with someone who is making their mark in the creative economy. The dinners are intimate and the evening casual — what’s important is that our guests leave stuffed with fresh ideas, new friends, and a delicious meal.

The Brothers Mueller Featured on DailyBrink!


We were quite surprised and very delighted when we got a call from Jeremy Allen, one of the editors of DailyBrink, requesting an interview for his online publication. We had a great conversation over tea on afternoon on the beautiful grounds of the Cloisters Museum and Garden in New York City. To read the full interview please follow the link below.


2010 RISD Commencement Speech Mentioned in the Providence Journal.

After a very delightful graduation ceremony it was a treat to find that our 2010 RISD Commencement Speech was mentioned in the Providence Journal.

A pair of graduate speakers — brothers Kirk and Nathaniel Mueller, each wearing large red eyeglasses — recalled how novelist Oscar Wilde once attributed American violence to “ugly wallpaper.” While amusing, the anecdote points to how aesthetically pleasing design and architecture can contribute to a peaceful society, they said. They urged their classmates to “bring beauty into the world.”

Providence Journal.