Wallpaper Machine is a repurposed Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)—originally introduced in the USA in 1984, the year The Brothers Mueller were born. The game has been reprogrammed and placed inside of a newly cast porcelain case that mimics the shape of the original classic grey-and-black plastic casing. The porcelain housing is covered in a blue-and-white floral pattern. This “blue-and-white china” style gives the piece a sense of preciousness and simultaneously suggests the site of Nintendo’s mass production. The reprogramming gives the NES a new function—to generate onscreen wallpaper—which it does, on a framed, flat-panel television. Thus, the NES is elevated from a gaming entertainment system into an object whose sole purpose is to generate useless aesthetic on-screen wallpaper. The resulting wallpaper is not saved, copied, printed or manufactured. Instead, it is ephemeral, meant to be leisurely watched.