Viral Wallpaper on exhibit at the Chelsea Art Museum as part of Model Citizens [ICFF]

Part of their wallpaper series, The Brothers Mueller present interactive wallpaper. Today wallpaper has fallen into the background, The Brothers Mueller aim to bring wallpaper back to the foreground. Viral (STD) Wallpaper is a demask print with stylized versions of sexually transmitted diseases. The typical presentation of this piece allows viewers to approach the wallpaper, triggering the viruses to then bleed through the paper as the viewer “infects” the wall with their approach.

This piece has been modified for the show to present the viruses bleeding in and out on a 20 minute loop.

Model Citizens NYC 2011 showcases the diverse work of 90 plus domestic and international designers, as well as show retail shop, all of which is open to both the trade, and the public.

Brothers Mueller

The Brothers Mueller are a pair of digital dandies. They tackle digital problems and make technology beautiful while wearing bow-ties.